(18 or 36 one-on-one SKYPE sessions, 30 minutes each, 3 times per month or more – 3 months, 6 months or 12 months)

for high-achievers, self-employed Professionals,

well-traveled Entrepreneurs growing global,

MomPreneurs, Young active Seniors & Expats

wherever you are in the world! 


Virginie Joannes

is a former corporate Key Account PR Marketing & Sales

Manager & Anthony Robbins trained since 1997.

She offers an exclusive Results Mentoring Program

( 3 months – 6 months or 12 months)

for exceptional women Entrepreneures

on a mission (just like YOU!)

to increase and enhance your professional

and financial success as well as your own

satisfaction, visibility and recognition

as Experts in your field.

We celebrate joyfully your accomplishments one step forward at a time.


This unique Results Coaching & Mentoring Program allows you to establish your professional goals and intentions with a step-by-step marketing action plan and personalized guidance to achieve your dream of experiencing fully a portable LIFESTYLE BUSINESS on your own terms and of your own making.

 » Success is loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it »

(Maya Angelou)

Virginie offers her insights, advice, experience, resources and knowledge that your unique challenges require.

Your Results Mentoring Program will be tailored to your specific needs and expectations and it aims to increase your chances of achieving your goals as an independent Professional or Entrepreneur.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with a community of other advancing and creative women worldwide and to help you collectively achieve the success you strive for by sharing skills, expertise, mindset shifts, new perspectives and experiences.

It is an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding experience, based on trust and exchange.

Both Mentee (you!) and your Mentor Virginie Joannes (me!) agree to engage in a process of constructive feedback, confidentiality, and a willingness to explore and grow.

Nowhere it is written that we have to see it to believe it and to LIVE it!

Just ask clearly and receive. Believe it and see it. Know exactly what you desire most and make it happen for you too.

Who is this unique Results Mentoring Program (3 months – 6 months – 12 months) with Virginie for?

Anyone who is open to new pespectives, results, solutions, transformation and improvements in the following areas

(you  are welcome to add to this list !)

– Work life balance (create your portable lifestyle business) You set the rules of the game!

– Career orientation or transition
– Change management
– Feminine entrepreneurship and leadership
– Time management and systems

– Cross-cultural working practices
– Best practices

– Goal setting and advancement
– Optimal use of a network and social media (community management)


– Media and press relations

– Joint Ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances

– Affiliation

– Storytelling

– Crowdfunding

– Teambuilding

– Program, products, services packaging and rates

– Marketing tools and strategies (creation, implementation and follow-up)

– Business communications : « how to achieve successful communications and presentations that sell ».

– Financial communication – « Changing your money story »

– Spirituality, intuition, creativity, abundance, spaceclearing,

– Energy, vitality, wealth and mental fitness

– Personality branding…



18 or 36 sessions 30 minute  weekly one-on-one Live Personal Coaching sessions

(3 times per month or more)




  • Paradise one-week coaching retreats in a luxury environment  MAURITIUS – DUBAI – MIAMI – SYDNEY -MEXICO –
  • In-person VIP days intensives – transfers, gourmet luncheonspa included! (anywhere in the world)
  • 4-hour SKYPE VIP intensives (as an introduction or follow-up)
  • Group workshops and masterminds are organized in September-October-November and April-May-June every year.

Your own personalized private Coaching and Mentoring Program starts anytime you wish within 2 weeks after your enrollment. (ONLY limited seats offered each month).
Take action now.

Contact Virginie Today to discuss your challenges and expectations, to see whether you qualify best for this no-excuse approach Coachng and Mentoring Program and book your seat :

+33(0)633 79 02 85 (Paris, France time zone)

Simply be the woman

you are meant to be!

« Change your story. Change your habits. Change your environment.You transform your life. » (Anthony Robbins)


Your investment for the Coaching & Mentoring Programme can be paid in full

Visa card – Mastercard – Paypal – Bank wire –

(payment plan options are also available)

Completing the form here and receiving

Will you see the opportunity there is in it FOR YOU ? 

Why wait ?

Here’s what people say about working with Virginie…

« For several years, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing in my life, that I wasn’t living up to my full potential. It seemed crazy and selfish for me to feel this way since I have a successful career and what many would consider a fulfilling life. However, I knew that something was missing – I just couldn’t figure out what. I felt stuck in a cycle, like I was running on a treadmill and couldn’t get off.

I have been working with Virginie one-on-one for 6 months and I have discovered so much about myself. Virginie personalizes her approach to me. She is supportive and caring but also no-nonsense. We move at a pace that is right for me while challenging me to push myself and giving me the nudge that I need when I hesitate. We started out working on things that I knew I wanted to address and we are now starting to peel away some layers to uncover other areas that need to be addressed.

Virginie doesn’t just help me when I have my sessions with her, but I carry her guidance with me throughout the week – I even find myself quoting her to my friends and co-workers when they’re going through things similar to me! »


« Working with Virginie has been a fantastic experience for me on a personal and professional level. Virginie is able to tailor her working style to meet the needs of any client, even those who need to be pushed. I pushed myself to look deeply at my personal and business goals. With Virginie’s coaching, I was able to make a six figure income in my first year working for myself. I also learned how to have the difficult conversations with myself and others, and put in place an action plan for myself and my business ».

« Virginie has the ability, and maybe more importantly, the genuine desire to hold her clients’ hands, dry their tears, and kick them in the behind – all at the same time. When I first thought about whether to commit to working with Virginie, one of my excuses was, “Why do I need a life coach? Why have I failed at figuring this stuff out on my own?”

And the answer, in part, I have come to learn after time spent with Virginie, and within myself. The answer is, I am human. I am flawed. But I. Want. More. Now, I not only realize how unhelpful it was to criticize myself for reaching out…I understand that it’s only in the unwillingness to reach out that you really shortchange your life. Virginie has a gift. Reach out and take it! »


« Virginie is awesome in the way she supports you until you are successful! »

Connie Knudson
Connie Knudson – New Mexico, United States –



sunaina-vohra« I have felt guided in a very warm and authentic way with Virginie. There have been many occasions when I have felt frustrated with the lack of progress in my work but Virginie brings cool and freshness from the Swiss Alps into her style of coaching. After our conversations I have felt more at peace and at the same time mo
re motivated with a new perspective to my path. If you are thinking about working with Virginie I can assure you – you cannot find a more heart centered authentic coach ».

Sunaina Vohra – Dubaï –



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