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« For several years, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing in my life, that I wasn’t living up to my full potential. It seemed crazy and selfish for me to feel this way since I have a successful career and what many would consider a fulfilling life. However, I knew that something was missing – I just couldn’t figure out what. I felt stuck in a cycle, like I was running on a treadmill and couldn’t get off.

I have been working with Virginie one-on-one for 6 months and I have discovered so much about myself. Virginie personalizes her approach to me. She is supportive and caring but also no-nonsense. We move at a pace that is right for me while challenging me to push myself and giving me the nudge that I need when I hesitate. We started out working on things that I knew I wanted to address and we are now starting to peel away some layers to uncover other areas that need to be addressed.

Virginie doesn’t just help me when I have my sessions with her, but I carry her guidance with me throughout the week – I even find myself quoting her to my friends and co-workers when they’re going through things similar to me! »

Angela Z., corporate HR Manager in transition, Roma – Italy


yogastyle« Working with Virginie has been a fantastic experience for me on a personal and professional level. Virginie is able to tailor her working style to meet the needs of any client, even those who need to be pushed.

I pushed myself to look deeply at my personal and business goals. With Virginie’s coaching, I was able to make a six figure income in my first year working for myself. I also learned how to have the difficult conversations with myself and others, and put in place an action plan for myself and my business ».

« Virginie has the ability, and maybe more importantly, the genuine desire to hold her clients’ hands, dry their tears, and kick them in the behind – all at the same time. When I first thought about whether to commit to working with Virginie, one of my excuses was, “Why do I need a life coach? Why have I failed at figuring this stuff out on my own?”

And the answer, in part, I have come to learn after time spent with Virginie, and within myself. The answer is, I am human. I am flawed. But I. Want. More. Now, I not only realize how unhelpful it was to criticize myself for reaching out…I understand that it’s only in the unwillingness to reach out that you really shortchange your life. Virginie has a gift. Reach out and take it! »

Nathalie B., Communications & Marketing Specialist, considering becoming a freelancer & embracing her passion for travels, Paris -France


« In just a short call with Virginie she was able to clearly identify – or rather, bringing me to identify, my own very precise marketing funnel which I had thought was lacking. The impact of this in moving forward in my business is significant as it has helped me to re-align with what my focus actually needs to be in order to bring me to the next level. It is in recognising oneself that we develop. Merci Virginie. »

Caroline Cain – Sydney – Australia –


« Virginie is awesome in the way she supports you until you are successful! »

Connie Knudson
Connie Knudson – New Mexico, United States –

sunaina-vohra« I have felt guided in a very warm and authentic way with Virginie. There have been many occasions when I have felt frustrated with the lack of progress in my work but Virginie brings cool and freshness from the Swiss Alps into her style of coaching. After our conversations I have felt more at peace and at the same time mo
re motivated with a new perspective to my path. If you are thinking about working with Virginie I can assure you – you cannot find a more heart centered authentic coach ».

Sunaina Vohra – Dubaï – The Emirates –


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